“Vietnam Umano Co., Ltd. was established from 馬野化学容器株式会社 – Umano Chemical Container Co,.LTD is a company with 100% Japanese investment capital, specializing in manufacturing and supplying bottles and caps. , plastic bottles, jars, plastic testing and testing instruments, .. for the medical – pharmaceutical – cosmetic industries.In addition, we also design and process according to the designs customers love. With 100 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing medical – pharmaceutical – cosmetic plastic products in Japan, plus imported machinery and equipment, technology as well as a team of seasoned experts. Experience from Japan, Vietnam Umano Co., Ltd. is always committed to bringing customers the best quality products with international standards and extremely reasonable prices. Participating in the development of medical – pharmaceutical – cosmetic in Vietnam market and becoming an indispensable part in the supply chain of medical – pharmaceutical – cosmetic – consumer plastic products. globally.

Main product:

☩ Plastic bottles: Medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, ..

☩ Plastic jars and jars: Cosmetic extraction jars, eye drops, spray bottles, ..

☩ Other plastic products: Plastic caps, plastic laboratory instruments, ..

Our company is committed to:

✓ Provide high quality products with competitive price

✓ Nationwide delivery service

✓ Capable of meeting large orders according to your requirements.”

Trụ sở chính ở Nhật
Headquarters in Japan


Nhà máy ở Nhật
Factory in Japan


Nhà máy ở Việt Nam
Factory in Vietnam


Nhà máy ở Việt Nam
Factory in Vietnam


Nhà máy ở Việt Nam
Factory in Vietnam


Nhà máy ở Việt Nam
Factory in Vietnam

Address: Road No. 5, An Phuoc Industrial Park, An Phuoc Ward, Long Thanh Dist., Dong Nai, Vietnam
Phone: (0251) 3686 296 – Fax: (0251) 3686 297
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Tax code: 3603575042″